Sensor Hub
SHC 071 | IO-Link

  • Digital IO-Link Interface
  • Small dimensions
  • Easy DIN rail and screw mounting
  • M12 plug-in connector
  • For 1 to 4 digital STEGO sensors
  • Quick connection of sensors via connectors
  • 4 sensor types

The IO-Link Sensor Hub SHC 071 records measuring data from up to four external non IO-Link STEGO sensors on a process level and transmits data via an IO-Link Master for control and monitoring applications, using options such as an edge computer, cloud based system or PLC. Standard IO-Link sensors are connected to one IO-Link Master port each. By using the Sensor Hub up to four external sensors can be connected, but they only use one IO-Link Master port (see illustrations Connection Comparison). This allows you to attach up to three more IO-Link devices to an IO-Link Master. The Sensor Hub SHC 071 comes with a universal mounting bracket which offers six different DIN rail or screw mounting options (see operating instructions). Combined with other digital field devices and the STEGO CONNECT platform, the Sensor Hub can be part of a powerful IO-Link IIoT system. Please visit for more information.

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                    Download IODD

Download IODD an all accompanying files, then import IODD file into your control software.


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